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ePals Announces Advanced Caching Solution for its LearningSpace Product

Posted Sep 27, 2010
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ePals, Inc. has announced an advanced caching solution that will provide real-time access to its LearningSpace product from any location at anytime. The solution, being first deployed with Hauppauge School District in New York, helps teachers and students create and collaborate on high-bandwidth multimedia projects in a safe environment, while satisfying the bandwidth needs of schools by ensuring reliable access for greater learning experiences.

A whitepaper detailing the solution and its benefits, and the Dell and Intel technologies forming essential elements of the solution, is available at and also at Hauppauge School District is playing a critical role in helping the companies understand the requirements of school districts and is leading the way for other schools. Multiple school districts from around the United States have also begun expressing the need for such a solution.

"An increasing number of school districts are implementing ePals LearningSpace in an effort to create more collaborative learning scenarios and to increase the use of multimedia to effectively teach today's students," said Ken Graham, assistant superintendent for the Hauppauge School District. "But many schools are realizing that their current bandwidth levels are not sufficient for real-time learning. The caching solution provided by Dell will solve this problem while keeping the budget limitations of school districts in mind."

The solution is location-aware, pulling from the most efficient location - cloud or local caching system - based on where the user is located and the nature of the information being retrieved. For example, a student accessing a frequently viewed educational video at school might receive it from the caching solution. Later in the day, that same student might access a project at home and receive it from the cloud. Users won't need to know which location the information is coming from, or other network attributes, only that it is coming quickly and reliably when needed.

It is optimized to work with ePals' LearningSpace product, a web-hosted virtual workspace for creating, sharing, managing, and collaborating on educational content - as well as its role-based permissions and policy management solution - helping K12 schools with collaborative learning experiences while keeping students safe.

More information can be found at:

Source: ePals,

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