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e2020, Inc., Adopts Common Core State Standards

Posted Mar 28, 2011
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e2020, Inc., a provider of core and elective instruction in a virtual school setting for students in grades 6-12, has announced all existing courses have been aligned to the Common Core Standards. Additionally, new courses developed by the company will utilize Common Core State Standards to create the course matrix, and scope and sequence. To provide schools and districts with a more comprehensive eLearning program model for students, the e2020 Inc., Common Core Standards alignment process is manually configured, resulting in more accurate and granular results.

Adopting Common Core State Standards can be problematic when states and districts are required to sort through numerous alignment claims based solely on keyword search. By utilizing a manual analysis and comparison method, e2020, Inc., offers a more accurate system for schools and districts, improving outcomes for students. In addition, e2020, Inc., offers custom alignment to district pacing guides to more accurately depict standards and increase alignment efficiency.

As an endorsing partner of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, e2020, Inc., supports its mission to ensure every American student graduates high school with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the 21st century.

e2020, Inc.'s web-based model, teacher-led video delivery, and instructional approach offer engaging and individualized virtual online instruction solutions to public and private schools for use in traditional classrooms, blended school, and online programs, according to the announcement. e2020, Inc., has implementations in 39 states with over 800 school districts and more than 2,500 schools served.

Source: e2020, Inc.,

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