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Zula USA Launches

Posted Nov 30, 2009
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Zula USA, LLC has announced the launch of, an online destination designed to offer kids ages six and older, along with their peers, parents and teachers, a chance to explore the galaxies in fun and challenging ways. From racing around Saturn’s rings while playing the Bumper Spaceships Game, to riding a skateboard at Greater Crater Planetary Park, offers entertainment that encourages discovery and excitement, according to the announcement. was developed in collaboration with IBM by the creators of The Zula Patrol, the 2008 Parents Choice Award-winning TV series featuring alien characters and science-based content.


Inside, users create their own avatar, fly their own spaceship, and make discoveries about how things work as they explore the cosmos. Kids team up with their peers, parents, and teachers to problem-solve, play games, and immerse themselves in a community that includes traveling to other planets and frequently added new activities. The creative, technical, and educational team that developed has designed all the games to engage kids while at the same time promoting critical thinking skills. Through a collaboration with IBM Research, many of these features have been made possible through the Emerging Business Opportunity (EBO) program with IBM's Virtual World Administration software tools for the creation of and for ongoing site management.


The main sites on, and some of the activities on them, include the following:


* Zulapolis: Play Larvi’s Trash Game to learn about recycling and caring for the environment.

Count your "Zlinkles" (coins earned from game-playing) while improving math skills.


* Greater Crater Planetary Park: Rebuild the park’s playground equipment while learning about core mechanical principles. Create a skateboard and let your character ride on it to discover Newton’s Laws.


* Ice Station Zula: Experiment with temperatures and different states of matter. Beat the Sun in a downhill sledding race to learn how heat affects melting snow.


* Venus: Capture a cloud in a jar for a look at weather patterns on other planets. Explore possible volcanoes on Venus.


* Multopedia: Use this handy interactive reference tool to view, listen to, or read more about literacy, science, and math concepts presented on


* Mole Game: Catch cute moles as they fall from the sky, learning about gravity, mass, and other core concepts.


* Bumper Spaceships Game: Race around the rings of the planets in your spaceship and discover what the rings are made of, the nature of gravitational pull, and the principles of mass/weight and their effect on movement.


Recognizing the importance of social interaction versus solitary play, the developers of have designed the site to offer a high degree of team play for kids, parents and educators. To allow this, has been built around proven concepts of protecting children in online environments.


Basic levels of gameplay are available for free for visitors to the site. A subscription to unlocks many more levels of exciting activity. Subscriptions rates are $5.99, one month; $29.99, six months; and $49.99, one year.

Source: Zula USA, LLC,

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