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World Book Launches Science Power

Posted Aug 30, 2010
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World Book, Inc. has announced the introduction of Science Power, a science website designed to meet the needs of students of varying learning aptitudes. Science Power is the latest addition to the World Book Classroom collection of content-rich, interactive digital supplemental learning resources.

Designed for students in the upper elementary grades, Science Power lessons cover all science curriculum topics, with highlighted vocabulary, multimedia, custom-made animations, and review questions. Its "educator-friendly" approach equips both educators who may not have a science background and experienced science educators with the content and tools they need to be prepared to teach science effectively to young learners, according to the announcement. Key features include:

* Differentiated versions of the lessons written at a lower level for struggling readers and extension activities for advanced students;

* Text read aloud by a professional voice actor;

* Main idea checks on every page for quick comprehension checks;

* Downloadable MP3 podcasts of the lesson content (ideal for both student and teacher quick review);

* Interactive quizzes to review the lesson content and vocabulary as well as tests that check student comprehension, with tracked results for the teacher;

* Teachers' guides and student study guides for every lesson as well as critical thinking questions that prompt students to apply what they've learned; and

* Resources to help expand student learning including science experiments that can be completed at home or at school, with videos demonstrating their concepts, as well as links to related content on the World Book Web and in editor-selected external websites. 

Additionally, Science Power is ready to use immediately and correlated to main science textbooks and state/provincial standards as well as to Lexile Framework for Reading measurements.

Teachers and school librarians can apply Science Power to whole-class, small-group, and individual activities as well as to differentiated instruction or intervention use. Public librarians can include Science Power in their children's programming and homework-support services. Science Power also is fully remotely accessible (via subscribing school and library websites).

Science Power is available on a subscription basis from World Book's school and library sales force at 800-975-3250 (U.S.) or 800-837-5365 (Canada) and from the school and library ordering site (

Source: World Book, Inc.,

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