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World Book Introduces "How to Do Research" Resource for Educators and Students

Posted Apr 17, 2009
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World Book has announced the introduction of a new tool, "How to Do Research."  Available online through the World Book Web, "How to Do Research" offers online tutorials to better equip both students and educators with 21st century information literacy skills.


The student section offers a step-by-step tutorial that covers planning research; conducting research in print and online formats, including the Internet and Web 2.0 sources such as blogs, podcasts, wikis, and RSS feeds; evaluating sources for such important criteria as currency, authority, and bias; compiling and organizing data, including building citations; and presenting research.


The educators' section was developed in consultation with educators who have worked extensively on information literacy projects. The tutorial covers how to teach research skills, including:

• How to get started: Meeting teaching standards, collaborating with librarians, and creating plagiarism-proof assignments

• Teaching research skills: Selecting a research model and skill-building through games and charting student progress

• Assessing the learning: Using rubrics and other resources and assessing all areas including the process, the learning, and the product


The educators' section also includes a section on Web 2.0 resources for educators and includes case studies from innovative educators who use technology to enhance their students' learning experience.


The "How to Do Research" tools are available at no additional charge through the World Book Student (formerly World Book Online Reference Center) and World Book Discover sections of the World Book Web suite of online reference products.

Source: World Book, Inc.,

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