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World Book Introduces 'Dramatic Learning' Classroom Resource

Posted Nov 19, 2009
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World Book, Inc. has introduced Dramatic Learning, a new classroom resource for building reading fluency and content comprehension. The premiere product of World Book Classroom, Dramatic Learning turns text into original play scripts, skits, monologues, and adaptations of classics that students can perform to help them become more fluent readers, understand core concepts, and internalize content.


Dramatic Learning includes more than 40 scripts across a broad range of grade levels and subject areas to enrich the learning experience. Supporting these are activities tied to state and provincial curriculum standards. Accompanying lesson plans provide educators with the information they need to set objectives, select materials, and meet achievement standards. Each lesson features an Educator Page that details the curriculum content, materials needed, objectives, and instructions. All the resources are available online from the Dramatic Learning site. Other features of Dramatic Learning include the following:


·         Differentiated learning to improve student comprehension and internalization of content

·         Vocabulary exercises to boost word recognition

·         Assessment rubrics for the teacher and student

·         Standards-based lesson plans that cross a variety of subject areas

·         Links to related encyclopedia content and one-click dictionary to build vocabulary


Supporting the play development is background information on each play, a step-by-step guide to make putting on a play easy, video tutorials for educators, and printable programs and posters. Also available to extend the learning experience are mini-inquiry research projects and writing activities to help students generate their own mini-scripts.


Through Dramatic Learning, students act out the dialogue, compelling them to work more closely with the text to interpret and project meaning into the experience. According to Critical Links, a study by the National Endowment for the Arts and the U.S. Department of Education, "research shows a consistent positive association between dramatic enactment and reading comprehension."


Underscoring this research, World Book produced a series of videos exploring one fourth-grade classroom’s use of Dramatic Learning to:


·         Improve reading fluency and sight-word recognition

·         Develop comprehension skills for ESL/ELL and challenged readers

·         Promote task engagement, independent learning, and constructive movement

·         Manage behavior and socialization


World Book created Dramatic Learning in collaboration with educational theater innovator Douglas Love, creator/producer of Disney’s "Out of the Box" television series, HBO’s "Jammin’ Animals," and author of more than 20 children’s books and plays. In addition to Dr. Almeida, Dramatic Learning also includes original plays from Albert Cullum, one of the first public school teachers to teach core curriculum using theater.


Educators can try Dramatic Learning free at Dramatic Learning is sold on a subscription basis. It is available now from World Book’s school and library sales force at 800-975-3250 (U.S.) or 800-837-5365 (Canada) and from the school and library ordering site (


Source: World Book, Inc.,

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