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World Book Adds Lexile Measures to World Book Web Articles

Posted Apr 23, 2010
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World Book, Inc. and MetaMetrics have announced an agreement for MetaMetrics to provide Lexile measures for World Book's suite of Web services. Lexile measures will be assigned specifically for content in World Book Student and World Book Discover, designed for middle- and high-school students; World Book Kids, designed for elementary-school students; and the Early World of Learning site for preschoolers and emerging readers in the primary grades.

In addition to the Lexile measures now being added to World Book, article content is also correlated to curriculum standards and benchmarks for all U.S. states and Canadian provinces. This makes it easy for educators to use World Book to enhance their classroom coverage of important curricular topics with relevant and engaging articles, images, video, audio, and interactive tools, games, and features, according to the announcement.

Lexile measures are used at the school level in various capacities in all 50 states. Each year, more than 28 million Lexile measures are reported from reading assessments and programs, representing about half of U.S. students.

The Lexile Framework for Reading is an educational tool that connects readers with reading materials using a common metric called a Lexile measure, which measures both reading ability and text difficulty on the same developmental scale. When used together, Lexile reader measures and Lexile text measures allow educators, parents, and students to find books and other materials that meet and challenge a reader's unique ability and interests. Currently, more than 115,000 books and 80 million articles have Lexile measures, and the number of resources with Lexile measures continues to grow. For more information on the Lexile Framework, visit

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