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WizIQ Introduces Mobile Learning Platform for Live Interactive Classes on Mobile Devices

Posted Jan 15, 2015
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WizIQ has introduced the WizIQ Live Mobile Learning Platform—a new solution that enables educators to deliver live, interactive classes via smartphones. The cloud-based platform works with iPhone and provides a host of advanced features, giving students the freedom to participate in live classes anywhere/anyplace and providing teachers a vital conduit for live engagement.

Until now, mobile and learning applications in today’s learning environments have been relegated to a support function due to a limited ability to provide rich, interactive learning experiences. The WizIQ Live Mobile Learning Platform enables educators and learners to use mobile learning as a primary learning channel and experience the value of live interactions, convenience, and responsiveness, according to the announcement. Built on a cloud-based LMS, the new mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store. The mobile app for Android is scheduled to be available on the Google Play store later this month.

The WizIQ mobile platform extends learning beyond the physical classroom, providing educators opportunities to create and utilize real-time, direct connections to students. With the ability to enhance live-course convenience, collaboration and engagement through mobile delivery, educators at K-12 schools, universities and in corporate learning centers can expand their online education menus and still deliver a true classroom experience.

The globalization of online learning has many manifestations, from small schools in developing nations to global education programs managed by major universities. Mobile learning also provides a real means to make blended learning environments more flexible — fulfilling a need for many learners around the globe.

Learners can use the WizIQ mobile app to realize the benefits of live learning — taking a live class while traveling or on the go. It allows educators and students to engage in live, spontaneous discussions with each other; this capability is central to the power and efficacy of mobile learning. The ability for deeper course exploration and real-time collaboration isn’t compromised by challenging schedules, for example, squeezing in a class during lunch or during the commute is now possible. Mobile learning can also deliver learning opportunities in bite-size pieces, providing students the “snackable” approach to augment the deeper, live engagement with teachers.

Additional key benefits of the WizIQ Live Mobile Learning Platform include:

  • Real-time access to live classes and content – Constant, anywhere/anytime access to classes and learning materials increases learning convenience, flexibility, and student motivation. 

  • Continuous learning “on-the-go” – Students can use their smartphones or tablets to access course videos, recordings, documents and presentations, with the option to view class recordings.

  • “Just-in-time” content delivery and consumption – On-demand content sharing allows instructors to upload audio and video recordings, and other course content, “just-in-time” without regard to time or location.

  • Real-time communication and collaboration – Students can quickly connect with peers and teachers in real-time, as well as stay up-to-date on upcoming events through notifications for important events such as tests, assignment deadlines and live classes.

To learn more about WizIQ’s Live Mobile Learning Platform, go to The new mobile app, WizIQ Education Online - eLearning with Virtual Classroom for iPhone is available on the App Store.

Source: WizIQ,

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