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Waterford Institute Releases its Reading Program in New Web Model

Posted Apr 2, 2014
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Waterford Institute has launched its reading curriculum in a new, web-based format designed to help schools reduce their hardware costs and more easily access and use its standards-aligned, research-proven software.

Waterford Reading is a complete language arts curriculum for young learners, including thousands of learning activities, songs and books that cover crucial skills like phonics, vocabulary, writing, oral fluency and more. The program automatically tailors instruction to each student's individual learning needs, allowing them to progress at their own speed and ability.

Now, Waterford Institute, a nonprofit education research center, has moved its entire Waterford Reading curriculum online to offer schools a cloud-based delivery option. Waterford Math and Science will also be available in the cloud summer 2014.

New product features and changes can now be seamlessly updated overnight without placing an added burden on schools’ IT staffs, allowing the company to quickly innovate and respond to customer requests.

With the move to the cloud, Waterford Institute also updated its curriculum to be 100 percent aligned with the Common Core State Standards required in most states. The reading program’s individual activities and lessons meet Common Core standards as well as its sequencer that organizes how the individualized content is delivered to students.

Other improvements include several updates to the reporting system geared toward providing educators with actionable data. Waterford worked directly with administrators and teachers to create reports that are more readable, easier to use and faster to run. One new feature in particular enables a teacher or administrator to view groups of students who are having similar difficulties, helping inform their small group instruction.

Paired with teacher tools such as the new reporting features, Waterford’s teacher tool Classroom Advantage and offline materials, Waterford Reading is increasingly used as a core curriculum that is proven effective and meets standards.

To encourage movement to the cloud-based version of the product, Waterford Institute is currently offering Waterford Reading at a discounted price for a one-year subscription, and including free subscriptions to Waterford Math and Science for the 2014-2015 school year – a more than 50 percent total savings.

Source: Waterford Institute,

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