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Wacom Debuts DTH-2242 and DTU-1031 Interactive Displays

Posted Feb 7, 2013
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Wacom has introduced two new interactive displays - the DTH-2242 and DTU-1031 - that make it easy for educators to share ideas and emphasize key concepts by working directly on screen to mark up and annotate digital content. The DTH-2242 integrates multi-touch to provide a new level of expression, while the DTU-1031 offers single-cable connectivity and a compact form factor to ease installation. Both products debuted at the TCEA 2013 conference in Austin, TX.

With Wacom's new interactive displays, educators can turn static material into active and engaging content. By writing with the pen directly on the screen they can spontaneously add new ideas, comments, sketches and diagrams. When connected to a projector, ideas and information can be shared with audiences of any size - making it more flexible than interactive whiteboards. The DTH-2242 and DTU-1031 also allow educators to stay connected with their students while teaching lesson plans, as they can maintain visual contact with the class.

These new interactive displays are also software-neutral and can be used with any of the educator's favorite software applications. The pen can be used to control the cursor just like a mouse, and when sharing lesson plans, educators can utilize software that takes advantage of pen input like Microsoft Powerpoint or Open-Sankore's Free Interactive Whiteboard Software. To increase productivity, both the DTH-2242 and DTU-1031 include integrated ExpressKeys - customizable buttons that can be assigned to perform common functions or access frequently used tools with a single click.

The DTH-2242's multi-finger touch screen makes use even more intuitive by supporting common gestures - like zoom, rotate and scroll - as well as custom gestures that the user can define. Touch can also be used to navigate the screen, make selections, and manipulate objects. With its video-out connector, the DTH-2242 can be connected directly to a projector making it even easier for the instructor to share their ideas with the class.

Integration into an interactive classroom is simplified with the DTU-1031. The thin, compact footprint accommodates space constrained areas - even small desks and podiums. By utilizing a single USB cable connection to the PC to deliver power, video and USB data to the DTU-1031, installations can be clean, simple and clutter-free. And because of its small form factor and single cable connection, the DTU-1031 can be held while used.

Technical Features:


  • 21.5" IPS LCD panel with full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and wide viewing angles
  • Cordless and battery-free Wacom pen provides smooth, natural handwritten input
  • Multi-touch for intuitive navigation, gesture control and on-screen manipulation of objects
  • 5 user-assignable ExpressKeysTM to access common functions or tools
  • Integrated USB hub with 2 USB ports
  • Video-out capabilities helps user directly connect from pen display to projector or other large format displays
  • HDCP compliant
  • Integrated stand and VESA 100 mounting holes for use with third-party arms or stands
  • Built-in pen compartment, pen tether, and security slot


  • 10.1" color IPS LCD panel with 1280 x 800 native resolution
  • Single USB cable for video, pen data and power
  • Cordless and battery-free Wacom pen
  • 4 user-assignable ExpressKeys
  • Small footprint and flat profile fits on small podiums or desks
  • Integrated stand and VESA 75 mounting holes
  • Built-in pen compartment, pen tether and security slot

The DTH-2242 is priced at $2,199 and will be available through Wacom's eStore and other channels in mid-April.

The DTU-1031 is priced at $749 (USD) and will be available through Wacom's eStore and other channels in late April.

For additional purchasing information, please consult Wacom's website,

Source: Wacom,

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