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WIN Learning Introduces WIN Math

Posted Sep 12, 2014
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WIN Learning has announced the introduction of WIN Math, a career-infused, middle and high school mathematics and workplace skills program. The new digital learning platform, scheduled to be unveiled in 2015, is the first math instruction program to offer capstone projects linked to 16 career clusters, all aligned to Common Core State Standards and local state objectives.

“Countless times a day teachers are asked, ‘when will I ever use this math or why does this matter?’,” said Dr. Teresa Chasteen, CEO and president of WIN Learning. “With WIN Math’s project-based framework, students will learn the answer to those questions first hand. Math concepts will be presented in real-life scenarios and in the context of relevant careers, showing them exactly how they will use it in their lives after school.”

The new WIN Math curriculum is organized into 36 units addressing each of 16 career clusters with emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and high demand occupations. Students, working individually or collaboratively, tackle challenges and work on projects such as marketing plans or performance charts similar to what might be required in a workplace setting.

With the WIN Math digital teaching and learning platform, teachers facilitate instruction through a blended learning model introducing the objective, career context, warm-up and then engagement activities. Students in grades 5-8 who are on grade-level or high school students who are below grade level can use the program. The four-year curriculum consists of interactive math tools, career connections and capstone projects that highlight aspirational as well as practical career paths in order to engage students and provide real world connections and incentives for learning. Students then transfer their understanding through embedded formative and summative assessments giving teachers real time student progress monitoring support.

Source: WIN Learning,

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