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WGBH Boston Video to Release WWI and WWII DVDs

Posted Sep 17, 2006
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WGBH Boston Video debuts World War I: Killing Fields and World War II: The Home Front on DVD on October 24. Each boxed set contains a Masterpiece Theatre drama and a People's Century documentary chronicling the lives and times of those affected by the World Wars.

World War I: The Killing Fields includes the Masteriece Theatre episode, "All The King's Men," the story of Sandringham Company, led by Captain Frank Beck and composed entirely of servants, grooms, and gardeners from the King's Norfolk estate. On August 12, 1915, the unit marched into battle and seemed to vanish. The video brings the details of what really happened to the screen for the first time, revealing the true story of England's "vanished regiment."

In the People's Century documentary, "Killing Fields," soldiers from all sides remember the trenches and the tactics of World War I.

World War II: The Home Front provides the "Monsignor Renard" episode of Masterpiece Theatre, a story of the German occupation of France during World War II told through the experiences of a priest torn between the peaceful teachings of his church and the violent necessities of the emerging Resistance.

The People's Century documentary, "Total War," includes eyewitness stories of World War II from Britain, Germany, Russia, Korea, Japan, and the United States.

The running time for World War I: Killing Fields is approximately 2.75 hours; the running time for World War II: The Home Front is approximately 4.5 hours. Both are priced at $29.95.

WGBH Boston Video, 800/949-8670 or

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