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Voyager Launches Passport Reading Journeys: Beginnings

Posted Sep 2, 2006
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The new reading intervention program, Passport Reading Journeys: Beginnings, expands the Passport Reading Journeys series for use with secondary students reading three to four years below grade level.

The program identifies struggling students, intervenes with targeted instruction, and monitors student progress. The curriculum incorporates the same literature focused on science and social studies topics used in the company's Passport Reading Journeys program, as well as video segments and Web-based software included to engage students in reading.

The instruction is provided in a flexible 45 to 60 minute routine of whole group and small group instruction, including independent and partnered reading, that can be adapted to accommodate class size and technology resources.

The Beginnings program offers a series of 15 reading expeditions that cover topics such as 911 Medical Emergencies, People in Sports, and Unusual Animals. Each two-week expedition includes DVD-based video segments hosted by teens and Web-based strategic online learning opportunities designed to build vocabulary and comprehension skills and improve reading fluency with Lexile-leveled passages.

A Beginnings Library allows students to select text from award-winning fiction and non-fiction Lexile-leveled magazines and books.

Student progress is monitored with four benchmark assessments: Reading Benchmark Assessment powered by the Lexile Framework for Reading, Reading Connected Text Benchmark Assessments, Comprehension and Vocabulary Assessments, and SOLO Progress Reports. The program's VPORT performance management system provides a variety of reports and access to real-time data.

Voyager Expanded Learning, 888/399-1995 or

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