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Voyager Expanded Learning's Vmath Now Integrated With The Quantile Framework for Mathematics

Posted Jul 27, 2007
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MetaMetrics, Inc. has announced that Voyager Expanded Learning is integrating The Quantile Framework for Mathematics into Vmath Texas Edition, the company's targeted intervention system that accelerates the mathematics achievement of struggling students by building on and reinforcing the key concepts, skills, and strategies of the state's core mathematics curriculum. Now Vmath Texas Edition is the only mathematics intervention that combines teacher-led instruction and computer-assisted practice with predictive, progress assessments powered by the Quantile Framework.

Vmath Texas Edition is correlated to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for grades 3-8. In 2007, Quantile measures were added to the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) reports for all students in grades 3-11.

The Quantile Framework uses a common, developmental scale to measure student mathematics achievement, the difficulty of mathematical skills and concepts and the materials for teaching mathematics. By placing the curriculum, teaching materials, and students on the same scale, Quantiles enable educators to predict which mathematical skills and concepts a student is ready to learn and those that will require instruction. Then, students can be matched with the resources that meet their learning needs.

Texas students will take the Quantile-based assessments in Vmath four times each year, allowing teachers to monitor their progress in the program toward grade-level learning goals. Teachers will use the assessment results to analyze students' mathematics achievement and determine the appropriate beginning Vmath lesson to meet their learning needs.

Source: Voyager Expanded Learning,

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