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Voyager Expanded Learning Launches Passport Reading Journeys

Posted Dec 22, 2005
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Voyager Expanded Learning has announced the launch of its newest reading intervention program, Passport Reading Journeys. The program incorporates literature focused on science and social studies topics, as well as video segments and Web-based software to engage adolescents in reading. The design of Passport Reading Journeys meets the nine instructional components outlined in the Carnegie Corporation report, Reading Next: A Vision for Action and Research in Middle and High School Literacy, by Gina Biancarosa and Dr. Catherine Snow and published by the Alliance for Excellent Education, according to the announcement.

Passport Reading Journeys incorporates each of these recommended elements in a 45-50 minute routine of whole-group and small-group instruction that can be adapted to accommodate class size and technology resources.

Targeted to teens, Passport Reading Journeys identifies students who struggle with reading, intervenes with targeted instruction, and monitors student progress until intervention is no longer needed. The program was specifically designed to help the nearly 8 million middle and high school struggling readers across the country achieve reading success.

Students enrolled in Passport Reading Journeys travel through a series of 15 reading "expeditions" relating to science and social studies, such as forensics, space exploration, and health and fitness. The variety of topics keeps students engaged in learning while encouraging them to discover the power of reading for pleasure as well as for information, the announcement states. Each two-week expedition includes action-packed video segments on DVD, flexible small-group instruction and independent practice opportunities. In addition, students participate in Web-based activities designed to build vocabulary and comprehension skills and improve their reading fluency through SOLO (Strategic Online Learning Opportunities). Students may also select additional reading materials from the Passport Reading Journeys Library, which includes fiction and non-fiction magazines, age-appropriate leveled books, and an electronic book cart that features a variety of online audio books.

Teachers can monitor student progress through benchmark assessments using Voyager's data management system, VPORT. Four teacher- administered built-in assessments ensure students show continual improvement: Lexile Reading Benchmarks, DIBELS equivalent measures, a comprehension and vocabulary assessment, and a SOLO progress report. Teachers can then access reports that illustrate each student's learning growth and adjust their instructional plan, if needed. District administrators can also view real-time data at the student, classroom, school, or district level to inform decision-making.

Teachers receive year-long service and support from Voyager through an ongoing partnership that includes comprehensive professional development through launch training, a training kit with video tutorials and support via phone, e-mail, and the Voyager Web site.

Source: Voyager Expanded Learning,

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