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Visual Learning Systems Publishes iPad-Ready Life Science Textbook for Grades 5-9

Posted Nov 30, 2012
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Visual Learning Systems (VLS) has launched a new life science textbook for the iPad that taps into middle school students' natural curiosities by utilizing hands-on applications and leveraging all the features of the iPad. Packed with hundreds of captivating video clips, fun interactives, and vibrant images, the etextbook piques student curiosity, making the curriculum come alive while opening their eyes and minds to the possibility of science as a career, according to the announcement. Embedded self-assessment quizzes create the opportunity for students to learn at their own speed and comfort level.

Spanning 31 chapters and over 1,000 pages, "Core Ideas in Life Science" fully supports the Next Generation Science Standards. Animators, designers, videographers, and producers led by Brian Jerome, Ph.D. used their archive of videos, images, and animations to create this learning tool. The team has created a textbook that inspires the drive to learn by using tools with which today's students are familiar and comfortable, the announcement states.

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Source: Next Generation Science Standards,

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