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Virtual High Schools Announces 2007 Summer School Program

Posted May 23, 2007
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Virtual High School Global Consortium, which offers virtual schooling for high school students and online professional development for teachers, has announced their 2007 Summer School Program. For the first time, the organization is offering eight-week summer school courses online for full year courses such as Algebra 1, English 9, and English 10, subjects that many students struggle with. The program is particularly intended for the growing number of high school students whose schools do not offer summer school or only offer it for credit recovery.

The Summer School Program will be offered in three sessions, two 4-week sessions and an 8-week Extended Session for full-year courses. Session 1 starts on July 2, 2007, and the Extended Session will conclude on August 24, 2007. The courses offered include Algebra 1, Basic Chemistry, English 9, English 10, Health, Pre-Algebra/Algebra Preparation and U.S. History, all of which will be taught by VHS certified teachers who have completed their rigorous 10-week professional development program.

VHS is a non-profit collaborative consisting of schools, teachers, and students. The organization partners with school districts to provide nearly 250 core, Advanced Placement (AP), and elective NetCourses, allowing schools to expand curriculum offerings with courses they otherwise would not be able to offer. Each course is taught by a highly qualified and certified teacher at VHS member schools, according to the announcement. These teachers first complete VHS's online professional development program, which teaches how to transform all of the elements of an in-person course into an online course and engage and foster collaboration among students. They then deliver online asynchronous VHS courses while continuing to teach at their face-to-face schools. While the course teacher may be located in a particular state or country, the 25 students in the course can represent many different states and countries. As a result, VHS's virtual schooling courses foster online collaboration with students from all over the globe.

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