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Videocraft Workshop Ships Start Editing Now! Classroom Workshop Edition

Posted May 17, 2007
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Videocraft Workshop has announced it has released START EDITING NOW! Classroom Workshop Edition. With its shipment, teachers now have the tools and resources they need to get students excited about the art of video editing and digital storytelling and provide students with hands-on materials to develop and hone their skills, according to the announcement. The program addresses digital video editing for students at all levels of editing expertise from grades 6-12. It combines professionally shot, royalty-free video with a semester's worth of lesson plans, printable curriculum materials, and enrichment activities.

Like the START EDITING NOW! consumer version, the Classroom Workshop Edition features an interactive DVD program that students can use to learn at their own pace, in small groups or as a whole class. Disc One has lessons and a video teacher's guide. Students can then put those lessons to use and practice video editing techniques with Discs Two and Three. Both discs feature royalty-free footage for students to assemble and create their own version of one of three professionally shot video "mini-movies." These "mini-movies" can be edited in hundreds of ways using more than 150 individual scenes or "takes" provided with the program.

The Multi-Track Movie footage purposely creates common editing challenges such as jump cuts and action changes that require cut-away shots, and then provides the "B-roll" footage and multiple scene choices necessary for the student to meet those challenges. In addition, instructors can use the footage to dissect common challenges experienced in video editing, while illustrating ways to address or prevent such challenges in the future.

The Classroom Workshop Edition, priced at $129.95, is compatible with all video editing software programs, including those bundled free with all modern PC and Macintosh computers. Educators can purchase multiple user copies or site licenses online at

Source: Videocraft Workshop,

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