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Vernier Publishes New Physics Experiments Lab Book

Posted May 25, 2011
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Vernier Software and Technology has published the "Advanced Physics with Vernier - Mechanics" lab book, offering a new set of experiments for more in-depth introductory physics courses, such as college physics, Advanced Placement Physics, or International Baccalaureate Physics. Covering a wide range of topics from motion, Newton's laws, momentum, energy, and simple harmonic motion, the Advanced Physics with Vernier - Mechanics lab book contains 19 experiments that are conducted using a combination of commonly used lab equipment and Vernier sensors and hardware.

The Advanced Physics with Vernier - Mechanics lab book includes complete student experiments with materials lists for each experiment, instructions for data collection on a computer or LabQuest, data tables, and probing questions. An Instructor Information section for each experiment includes directions for setting up experiments, helpful hints, and sample graphs and data. An included CD provides editable word-processing files of the student sections (Microsoft Word files) and support material, including videos and Logger Pro data-analysis files.

The Advanced Physics with Vernier - Mechanics lab book is available for purchase for $48.00. For more information and to view the complete list of experiments, visit

Source: Vernier Software & Technology,

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