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Vantage Learning Releases New Version of MY Access!

Posted Sep 4, 2006
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MY Access! 7.0 updates the online instructional writing tool with feature enhancements and new programs designed to help students prepare for the SAT and other standardized tests.

The new features include:

- Advanced MY Tutor and MY Editor functions to help students better understand how to improve their writing. New readability levels let educators select appropriate reading and feedback levels on a student-by-student basis.

- Two new functions, SAT Power Plus and Awesome Adjectives, added to help students prepare for the SAT, ACT, and other college admissions testing. Power Plus encourages students to replace everyday words with specific words usually found on the tests. Awesome Adjectives, part of Power Plus, automatically prompts students with a set of more challenging words for essays.

- An unlimited prompt library. Educators can add and use writing prompts to improve student learning and customize writing instruction to school curriculum.

- Improved navigation for students and educators. Students can access MY Tutor and MY Editor through individual buttons within their writing areas; educators can see graphic displays of student progress on the main MY Access! menu page.

- Additional professional development opportunities to support districts, including one-, two-, or three-day workshops that focus on the connections between reading, writing, and real-time classroom coaching and mentoring.

- A new online account management system that helps schools and districts improve the management of student licenses, as well as place and rack orders on the Web. Technology coordinators and administrators can directly import student rosters at the beginning of the school year, add new students during the year, and change the status of students no longer in the district.

Vantage Learning, 800/230-2213 or

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