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VBrick Adds Internet Streaming to Traditional Videoconferencing

Posted Mar 29, 2006
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VBrick Systems, Inc., a provider of video over IP network solutions, has announced the addition of Internet streaming capabilities to traditional videoconferencing, thereby enabling The Ultimate Gift author Jim Stovall to share his insights with students and fans globally.

Author Jim Stovall provided his inspirational perspective on living with total blindness - as well as insight into his book and upcoming feature film The Ultimate Gift- via a live conference March 6, 2006. Students in eight middle/junior high schools nationally participated via videoconference, while additional students and fans watched and listened to the streamed event via the Internet. The event is part of Berrien County (Michigan) Intermediate School District's (BCISD) "Authors Specialist and Knowledge" (ASK) program.

The Jim Stovall event reflects Internet streaming's central role in expanding information access to students, educators, organizations, and citizens via video and audio content according to the VBrick announcement. Video streaming enables anyone with Internet connectivity to view live, dynamic content via a browser on PCs or mobile devices. Internet streaming bolsters videoconferencing, which traditionally restricts communications to sites with compatible videoconferencing infrastructures, high-bandwidth connections, and in-house technical expertise.

The Ultimate Gift traces a young man's year-long journey through which he learns life's true meaning. ASK student participants have spent the semester reading The Ultimate Gift, as well as writing and peer reviewing book-themed assignments. Videoconference and video streaming capabilities have provided the students with the opportunity to interact with the author. For more information on The Ultimate Gift, visit

VBrick's video streaming solutions work with IP standards-based videoconferencing equipment. VBrick's VB6000 WM Appliance for Windows Media provides video streaming and management capabilities that enable organizations to quickly launch streaming video.

Source: VBrick Systems, Inc.,

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