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Internet @ Schools Announces To Go Education App

Posted Nov 11, 2010
Bookmark and Share has announced To Go. The first release, available now in the Apple App Store, gives students mobile access to's library of 9,000 online lessons, worksheets, videos and test-prep resources. In early 2011, will introduce the ability for students to connect to an online tutor for a homework review session from their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Access to the SkillsCenter Resource Library is free, and students don't have to create an account to use the application. There are more than 9,000 vetted homework, test prep and study resources including step-by-step videos, study guides, SAT prep materials and resources for standardized exams in all 50 states. Students in K-12 or taking introductory college courses simply select their subject and topic or search by keyword to find the resources they need on the go. Resources are rated by the community of users.

Every week, over 20,000 students access from their public library, school or home to connect to a live tutor for one-to-one help in math, science, social studies or English. Thousands of students also use the SkillsCenter to address their academic challenges. To Go gives students access to these resources from their iPhone or iPod Touch. expects to develop apps for additional smart phones and devices in the future.

Current subscribers with individual accounts can also use the app now to take pictures of homework problems and store them in their mobile locker until they're ready to work with a tutor. Subscribers can also review previous online tutoring sessions.


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