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Turning Technologies Unveils ResponseWare Web

Posted Nov 3, 2008
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Turning Technologies LLC has announced the availability of ResponseWare Web, its next-generation response system. ResponseWare Web is a web-based polling application that allows participants to submit responses to interactive PowerPoint questions via internet-connected devices including Apple iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones, other cell phones and mobile devices, laptops, or a standard desktop computer. Turning is working with telecomm carriers to accelerate access to the new product. Currently, ResponseWare Web is certified on the AT&T wireless network.

For use with Turning Technologies’ flagship interactive PowerPoint product, TurningPoint, ResponseWare Web allows students and participants to respond via the internet through standard web browsers. The web application immediately transfers their responses to a TurningPoint interactive polling slide typically presented to the audience via an LCD projector.

Turning’s web-based response solution allows alphanumeric entry for single response, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank and essay questions via a cell phone style input or a QWERTY style keyboard. The diversity of response types increases communication options and allows users to easily submit questions electronically during an interactive polling session to the presenter. ResponseWare Web also displays the question and answer choices on the device while polling.

In education settings, ResponseWare Web enables mobile learning, creating the ability for students to respond to interactive questions both inside and outside of the classroom. Students already accustomed to instant connectivity will now be able to use those same smart devices to communicate their understanding of course materials and concepts. In addition, they will find the anonymous ability to ask questions and seek further insights as a powerful learning technique.

Source: Turning Technologies, LLC,

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