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Turning Technologies Announces TurningPoint 2006 Audience Response System

Posted Feb 15, 2006
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Turning Technologies has announced its TurningPoint 2006 Audience Response System now enables teachers, speakers, and other users to instantly measure their audiences' knowledge and opinions in the aggregate.

With TurningPoint, teachers, lecturers, and trainers can test students of any age to ensure the transfer of knowledge, the announcement states. Users can tailor their lessons and address audience/class opinions voiced through feedback.

TurningPoint 2006 has a wide range of audience response devices, with both credit-card size response units and "virtual keypads" for PCs, desktops, or PDAs available. For smaller groups, there are three handheld units: ResponseCard IR, using line-of-sight infrared (IR) technology effective up to 90 feet; ResponseCard XL, an IR unit that includes a self-paced testing mode; and ResponseCard RF, a radio frequency device that registers responses up to 400 feet away.

vPad Audience Response Software, the virtual keypad alternative, loads onto computers or PDAs. The onscreen interface offers both keypad response and a text messaging option for submitting questions as well as for essay or fill-in-the-blank testing. Connection is made via either a wired or wireless IP network.

TurningPoint Software audience response technology offers complete integration with Microsoft Office, according to the announcement, making use of the entire MS Office suite:

Microsoft PowerPoint—Any PowerPoint slide can be "response-enabled" so students can provide immediate and measurable feedback.
Microsoft Excel—Enables response information to be tracked and reported easily.
Microsoft Word—For creation and exporting of question lists into PowerPoint.
Microsoft Outlook—Allows seamless sharing of collected information via e-mail.

Users can configure TurningPoint 2006 systems of any size to meet specific budget requirements. Depending on the market and the options selected, complete systems ready to collect data from an audience of 32 participants can be purchased for $1,500 to $3,500.

For more information, visit Turning Technologies at

Source: Turning Technologies, LLC,

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