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Triumph Learning Announces Updates to Its Common Core Resource Library

Posted Aug 21, 2013
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Triumph Learning has unveiled major updates to its comprehensive online Common Core resource library, offering more support for teachers transitioning to the rigorous math and English/language arts standards. The latest updates make Readiness for Common Core an even more powerful teaching tool with improved search capabilities, enhanced navigation and new learning materials covering additional grade levels.

The Common Core resource library’s new instructional material will allow teachers to easily differentiate instruction for students in grades 3-8. Popular Triumph Learning texts for grades 1, 2 and 9-12 are now included alongside the hundreds of on-level lessons, practice sessions and assignments already in Readiness for Common Core, so teachers only need to login once to challenge gifted learners or provide support for struggling students.

A redesigned Teacher Dashboard and user interface simplifies navigation and lets teachers quickly move from managing their classes, to viewing reports and finding new content. New “Getting Started” and “Contextual Help” features ease the transition to the new program and suggest successful strategies for integrating the platform into teachers’ curriculums and workflows.

The robust data and real-time reporting features of Readiness for Common Core continue to help teachers identify individual learning needs easily, while the new “Content Discovery” tool makes finding and assigning relevant instructional materials easy. Using the Content Discovery tool, teachers can search by topic or standard across multiple grade levels to find the lesson that is best suited for their students’ learning needs. Search results include complete standards coverage information in an “at-a-glance” summary section, so educators can quickly decide if a lesson is appropriate for their class.

Readiness for Common Core also offers powerful assessment features that let teachers assign dozens of ready-made tests or build their own tests using thousands of questions from the Readiness item bank. Real-time data allows educators to analyze items and sort results in meaningful ways—by lesson, assessment, class or student—providing educators the capability to track growth and proficiency. In addition, logins for parents help them keep track of their children’s progress and strengthen the home-school connection.

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