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Tripod Classroom-Level Student Surveys Available in New Platform

Posted Oct 8, 2014
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Tripod, a provider of classroom-level student surveys, has announced a new offering for 3rd to 12th grade teachers. Teachers will have free access to Tripod’s new platform where they can administer annual, classroom-level student surveys and receive no-cost confidential online reports to support their practice. This new offering is quick, controlled by teachers, and delivers targeted feedback to support professional growth.

Created by Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson of Harvard University in 2001, Tripod surveys, analyses, and reports have been delivered to thousands of schools across the United States. With the launch of Tripod Education Partners and its new, direct-to-teacher offering, Ferguson and co-founder Rob Ramsdell are increasing access to the Tripod survey – a tool that independent research finds both reliable and predictive of achievement gains.

Millions of students have completed Tripod surveys in a wide range of settings for more than a decade. Tripod’s scoring engine uses data from over 125,000 classrooms to calibrate survey results. The combination of rigorous analysis and user-friendly reporting highlights areas of strength and provides clear guidance about opportunities to improve.

Teachers can sign up to receive more information about the launch of this fall’s direct-to-teacher initiative by visiting

Tripod’s team members have extensive experience in K-12 education and data analytics and work closely with a broad network of researchers. They continually refine surveys in response to research findings, field experiences, and feedback from educators and students. Now in its 18th generation of surveys, Tripod has a rigorously tested bank of classroom-level survey items.

Tripod’s customizable surveys begin at fewer than 20 items in length and are available in multiple languages. Longer surveys are available at no additional cost with modules covering a range of important issues, including student engagement, success mindsets, peer culture, and school climate. Tripod is best known for its 7Cs teaching practices, featured in Tripod’s direct-to-teacher offering:

  1. Care: Show concern and commitment.

  2. Confer: Invite ideas and promote discussion.

  3. Captivate: Inspire curiosity and interest.

  4. Clarify: Cultivate understanding and overcome confusion.

  5. Consolidate: Integrate ideas and summarize key points.

  6. Challenge: Press for rigor and persistence.

  7. Control: Sustain order, respect, and focus.

Source: Tripod Education Partners,

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