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TregoED Launches Critical-Thinking and Decision-Making Tool for Grades 6-12

Posted Oct 18, 2010
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TregoED has announced the launch of SCAN, an online tool that builds critical thinking and decision-making skills. Designed for grades 6-12, SCAN helps students make well-developed arguments and solve complex problems.

SCAN challenges students to examine issues from different points of view using authentic scenarios and role-playing. The online tool includes built-in steps designed to focus online and in-classroom discussions. SCAN features over 100 current and historical scenarios for students to consider, including cyberbullying, the Great Depression, and school-related applications of the Bill of Rights. A majority of the lessons feature social studies and life skills, but teachers can easily apply SCAN across all content areas. Teachers and students can also create their own SCAN scenarios.

SCAN addresses many state standards related to problem solving and decision making. The tool also supports the Common Core standards and their emphasis on reasoning, use of evidence and collaboration - all key elements of critical thinking. Teachers can also use the lessons as engaging writing prompts in preparation for high stakes testing

TregoED provides online learning tools and workshops for students and educators to help them build the capacity for critical thinking and collaborative decision-making. The organization's analytic methods are modeled after Kepner-Tregoe's critical thinking strategies, which have been used by influential organizations and companies in 44 countries. For more information please visit

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