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Treasure Bay Launches Website to Help Teachers Get Parents Involved in Reading

Posted Jul 29, 2008
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Treasure Bay has announced the launch of, a website to help teachers get parents involved in reading. The philosophy behind is that getting parents involved in their child's reading development could be the most powerful strategy in teaching children to read. The newly-launched website is based on a forthcoming title, Involving Parents in their Children's Reading Development: A Guide for Teachers, by Bruce Johnson, and Treasure Bay Publishing has designed the site to give teachers a place to share best practices and learn from each other.


ReadingPlace has already begun the process of providing support to teachers. On the site ( there is a downloadable tip sheet that teachers can send home to parents with suggestions on how reading strategies can be incorporated into home routines. There are also discussion forums for teachers with topics such as "Phonics Games and Activities," "Struggling Readers," "Involving Parents in Reading," and "Books - Faves and Flops."


One recurring theme is the importance of reading aloud even after the child has learned to read independently. Reading aloud, preferably on a daily basis, improves a child's language development, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. It also models good reading habits, and by sharing the activity, parents demonstrate how much fun reading can be. This at-home practice deepens the child's learning and strengthens the teacher's instructions at school.

For more information on how teachers can help parents become more active in their child's reading development, visit

Source: Treasure Bay Publishing,

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