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Tool Factory/Olympus Student and Teacher Contests

Posted Mar 27, 2006
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The newest phase of the Tool Factory/Olympus Student Photo Contest and Teacher Grant Program is currently underway; the deadline for entries is June 2, 2006.

For the Student Photo Contest, a total of two winners will be selected, one in the Photography category and one in the Art category. Each winner receives an Olympus 8.0 megapixel digital camera and accessories worth $600, Tool Factory software worth up to $200, and the book "Digital Camera Basics."

For the Classroom Grants program, a total of five teachers will be selected to receive three Olympus 5.0 megapixel (or better) digital cameras worth $600, a Tool Factory site license worth up to $2,000, $500 in cash to be used to complete their project, and 30 copies of the "Digital Camera Basics" workbook.

Contest details are available online; flyers can be downloaded for printing at

The winning applications from the 2005 teacher grant contest are available for reading online at To view all student photo entries, visit

This contest is offered throughout the school year with varying deadlines; applicants must resubmit after every deadline to reapply.

Source: Tool Factory, Inc.,; Olympus,

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