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Tool Factory Introduces B/D Letter Olympics

Posted Aug 5, 2006
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The B/D Letter Olympics, a new reading program for K-2 students, helps young readers develop visual discrimination of the letters b and d.

The software uses the theme of six Olympic events to reinforce learning with letter-forming activities and auditory stimulation. The events include tennis, bowling, skiing, hurdling, race car driving, and golf. The activities initially focus on distinguishing between the letters b and d and eventually progress toward more difficult tasks, such as mixed double letter identification.

Teachers can assign skill level settings for individual students and create tailored assignments. The sound controls can turn off reward sounds or auditory letter sound reinforcement.

Student records reveal student scores, the duration of play on each event and printable visual records of each letter chosen incorrectly. The program comes with 35 printable PDF worksheets for practice outside of the classroom and clip art for teacher-created worksheets.

The accessibility settings allow a variety of student accommodations. Text can be displayed in blue on yellow or yellow on blue settings, making reading easier for students with dyslexia.

B/D Letter Olympics is available for PC, MacX, and Linux. The program is networkable and switch accessible.

The single user cost is $69.96. The site license cost is $529.95.

Tool Factory, 800/220-8386 or

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