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Tom Snyder Productions Releases New Version of Science Seeker

Posted Nov 1, 2007
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Tom Snyder Productions has released a new version of its software series, Science Seekers. The program, produced in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History and supported by a grant from NASA, engages students in learning and applying core science content to solve realistic problems.

With this collection of three peer-assisted learning programs, real scientists guide students who gather and analyze data, working in teams to complete missions. This instructional format—where students watch engaging video footage to learn about their mission, collaborate in teams to evaluate information then draw from new understanding to complete their mission— enables students to develop a deep understanding that will serve as a foundation for applying science in the real world, the announcement states.

Science Seekers is enhanced with new features such as a built-in word list for contextual vocabulary instruction and title-specific mission booklets that encourage collaboration between students and support content-area reading. Other new features of Science Seekers include text-captions for hearing impaired and ELL students and support for interactive whiteboards, projectors and Macintosh or Windows platforms.

The updated, standards-aligned Science Seekers titles are The Changing Earth, Ecosystems in Balance, and Safe Groundwater. In addition to focusing on a specific curriculum topic, each title comes with a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide, assessment materials and answer keys.

Source: Tom Snyder Productions, Inc., a Scholastic company,

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