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Tom Snyder Productions Releases New Version of Science Court

Posted Jan 25, 2007
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Tom Snyder Productions has announced it is releasing a new version of its research-based software series, Science Court. The program helps elementary students build lasting understanding of science topics through guided discussion and fun, hands-on learning.

Science Court draws on research to help students overcome common misconceptions in science by replacing them with lasting, correct understanding. The software incorporates research-based instruction, hands-on learning, and multimedia to systematically tackle scientific fallacies (e.g., that seasons are caused by the distance of the Earth from the Sun). The program literally puts these ideas on trial in a whole-class setting, creating a structured opportunity for students to use scientific evidence to debunk mistaken beliefs. Through the use of written worksheets, classroom discussion, and hands-on activities, students construct solid scientific understanding of hard-to-teach concepts.

Science Court continues to support teachers—especially those without a strong background in science—with new features such as a multimedia Word Wall to support vocabulary instruction and one-click printing of worksheets. The program provides a title-specific Teacher's Guide with easy-to-follow instructions and assessment materials with answer keys.

Other new features of Science Court include text-captions for hearing impaired and ELL students, and support for today's computers, projectors, and interactive whiteboards.

To complement their curriculum, educators can mix and match 12 engaging Science Court titles: Data & Inquiry, Electric Current, Fossils, Gravity, Inertia, Living Things, Particles in Motion, Seasons, Soil, Sound, Water Cycle, and Work & Simple Machines. In addition to focusing on a specific curriculum topic, each title includes Macintosh/Windows software, and a comprehensive Teacher's Guide.

Source: Tom Snyder Productions,

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