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Three New Mimio Tools Expand Collaborative Learning and Integrate with iPads

Posted Feb 19, 2013
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Mimio has announced three new tools that allow simultaneous use of iPads, other manufacturers' interactive tablet displays and MimioClassroom products. Designed to create more flexible and collaborative learning environments, the new MimioMobile application for the iPad, the MimioStudio 10 classroom software and MimioPad wireless pen tablet are scheduled to ship Feb. 28, 2013.

MimioMobile: With a single MimioMobile license for the teacher's computer or laptop, every student with an iPad can interact with lessons displayed on the classroom's interactive whiteboard. Additionally, teachers can use the MimioMobile app to control an interactive whiteboard and display lessons in MimioStudio software from anywhere in the room.

The application can be used on iPads and iPad minis. Like other Mimio tools, the MimioMobile app integrates seamlessly into the MimioClassroom family of products so that it can be used simultaneously or in tandem with the MimioPad tablet and Mimio interactive hardware whiteboards and devices. The MimioMobile app can also be used by students in place of a traditional "clicker" for student response or voting sessions using MimioVote assessment.

MimioStudio 10: The latest version of the classroom software, MimioStudio 10 software includes a new Collaborate feature that automatically divides up to nine devices into collaborative windows on a whiteboard and allows each group to use their individual window at the same time. Once students' work is done, the Collaborate feature automatically saves the work for future use or review.

Available on the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, additional MimioStudio 10 enhancements include users' improved ability to manage content libraries created via other interactive software. Teachers also have more options when using MimioStudio Gradebook, which now allows users to export grades and student answers to a comma-separated value (CSV) report format, the most common format required by third-party grade-book products. Teachers can also create reports and export all detailed student activity data in addition to the previously supported summary data.

The software's ActivityWizard offers a built-in knowledge engine for teachers to generate educationally sound and engaging teaching activities in minutes. Users can export content created in MimioStudio software to HTML, PDF, Common File Format (IWB) and image formats. Teachers can also use the software's audio notification as an alert for the end of timed tests.

MimioPad: The MimioPad wireless pen tablet is the next generation of the original MimioPad tablet. The new version offers improved functionality and ease of use in a durable, elegant design. It features shortcut keys that give teachers one-touch access to the most common functions of MimioStudio 10 software, and it works with any interactive content.

The MimioPad tablet works only with MimioStudio 10 software. Like the original tablet, it allows teachers and students to collaborate on interactive whiteboard lessons up to 30 feet from a computer, but the new model can be used with both Mimio and non-Mimio interactive whiteboards, or as a stand-alone whiteboard controller with MimioStudio 10 software and a projector.

A battery-free stylus acts as a mouse, so students can draw or write in MimioStudio 10 software or control the desktop via the tablet. Users can directly import into MimioStudio 10 software their existing resources, in file types such as Word, PowerPoint, Adobe, SMART, and Promethean.

Source: Mimio,

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