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Thomson Gale Adds Critical Thinking Component to Opposing Viewpoints

Posted Apr 28, 2007
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The new Critical Thinking module of Thomson Gale's Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center offers activities, assessments, and tools that encourage students to interact with, argue about, and analyze issues and concepts.

The material helps students develop critical thinking skills while supporting their personal development and mastery of the curriculum. Students can use the module as a self-directed learning tool, as a resource for group projects, and as a classroom tool.

The Critical Thinking resources feature activities, quizzes, and audio entries. The content aligns with state curriculum standards and library programs.

Segments include "Questions to Think About," "Words to Know," and "Find Out More." Each topic has three entries: an overview and two viewpoint entries to encourage balanced and unbiased research. The content, comprised of reference and periodical resources, covers 250 of the most assigned topics including crime prevention, drug abuse, euthanasia, illegal immigration, school violence, and stem cell research.

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