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Thinkronize, FSCreations Partner to Provide Convenient Access to Remediation Content

Posted Jul 6, 2006
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Thinkronize, developer of the netTrekker suite of educational search products, and FSCreations have partnered to provide educators with instant access to reinforcement content for their students. The newest version of FSCreations' flagship product, ExamView v5.2, now features an item remediation summary that allows teachers to instantly link to remediation content provided by netTrekker. Any netTrekker classic or netTrekker d.i. customer who purchases ExamView will now have access to this functionality.

Teachers can now access netTrekker content from the ExamView item remediation summary, which indicates subject areas that may need additional reinforcement. For example, if a teacher wanted to find out how well her students performed on a recent history exam, she would generate a report through the ExamView Test Manager. The report might indicate that more than half of her students answered a question about Abraham Lincoln incorrectly. At this point, she could choose to see an item remediation summary, which would list a number of keywords, such as "Gettysburg Address" and "Reconstruction." Each keyword is linked directly to a corresponding netTrekker results page, which would allow her to browse through the material provided to find relevant resources to conduct a review session with her students.

The teacher could also use the ExamView Learning Series, state-aligned question items, to create assignments that are based on state standards. She could then generate reports that link directly to the state standard remediation items in netTrekker.

Source: Thinkronize,; FSCreations, Inc.,

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