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Thinkronize Adds Text-to-Speech Support to netTrekker

Posted Jul 5, 2006
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Thinkronize has announced that netTrekker d.i. <> is now available with text-to-speech support, making the product's 180,000 educator-selected resources more accessible and adaptive for special needs students. The Read Aloud feature automatically reads text back to the user with the click of a button.

Students highlight sections of text within the netTrekker d.i. product interface, on a netTrekker d.i. search result, or any definition provided by the Dictionary/Translation Hot Key. The highlighted text is then read aloud. The feature is included in every subscription to netTrekker d.i..

netTrekker d.i. with Read Aloud support, now eligible for IDEA funds, ultimately reduces the strain of reading for those who may have visual impairments, have learning disabilities, or who find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time, according to the announcement.

In addition to text-to-speech support, netTrekker d.i. works to assign each prescreened resource a readability measure based on Lexile ratings and eight other popular methods. Also, an entire section of netTrekker d.i. is filled with customized ELL content to help teach English as a second language, addressing a growing need in K-12 education today.

Source: Thinkronize,

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