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Internet @ Schools Launches, Offering Access to Writing Instructors and Writing Programs

Posted Oct 27, 2011
Bookmark and Share, an online tutoring company offering live online writing instruction, launched in the summer of 2011 and provides one-to-one instruction from highly-experienced tutors in subjects ranging from general academic writing to college admissions essay help and even novel and screenplay writing. utilizes an innovative online classroom enabling the student to connect with his or her instructor via the internet. Virtual sessions are held in the comfort of the student's home from the family computer. Students and instructors brainstorm ideas, sketch outlines, improve sentence structure and grammar, and talk through and revise written drafts using a shared whiteboard. Innovative voice technology replicates the experience a student might have at the kitchen table with a traditional in-person tutor. 

Instructors tailor each writing course to the student's needs and create customized lesson plans and assignments to fit the student's skill level, goals, and learning style. Subjects include general academic writing support for English and history, as well as unique creative writing programs including screenwriting, poetry, novel writing, and writing for television. 

The Executive Director Anindita Basu Sempere says access to unique topics and exceptional instructors are what set her company apart. "Students have the unique opportunity to work with expert instructors including a faculty member from an elite college who has written episodes for well-known sitcoms, a former Associate Provost of Admissions at an Ivy League university, and a recipient of the prestigious Stegner Fellowship in Poetry at Stanford," said Sempere.



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