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The Scoop on Google for Educators

Posted Oct 12, 2006
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On October 11, Google very quietly launched Google for Educators, a site that pulls together access to and, in a sense, annotates a whole bunch of Google features, tools, and resources in a way that will make them easier for educators to find, understand, and use for teaching purposes. We only found out about it a day later, so it was indeed a "quiet launch."

Not surprisingly, two places that were on top of this news the actual day of the launch were the SearchEngineWatch blog and, of course, Google itself. So here are two links you can follow to find out quickly about Google for Educators:

Google For Educators, & Become A Google Certified Teacher—a brief SearchEngineWatch blog report.


K-12 Educators Put New Google Resource Center to the Test—an announcement posted in the Google Press Center

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