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The Nature Conservancy, Discovery Education Launch ‘Nature Works Everywhere’

Posted Apr 19, 2012
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The Nature Conservancy and Discovery Education have launched Nature Works Everywhere, a partnership designed to help students learn the science behind how nature helps our everyday existence and the importance of environmental conservation.

This new online destination,, provides middle school teachers, students and families with free tools and resources to explore and understand nature. The site includes videos, interactive lesson plans and an interactive game designed to teach students that nature is more than just a beach or mountain - it's a fantastic factory that produces the building blocks of our lives.

Unique classroom resources on the site, including video tours from around the world that show nature at its productive best, enable teachers to take their students beyond the walls of their classrooms, exploring a wide range of topics and locales - from forests in Maine to coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean. In addition, the site provides related interactive lesson plans designed to immerse students in the world of nature and science, focusing on the themes of food, clean water, clean air and protection (nature protecting people).

A ‘Conservation Connection' game allows students to learn how nature works to create their favorite things, such as ice cream, sandcastles and lemonade. Students and teachers alike will be surprised by some of the strange connections that are made in nature.

In addition, a ‘Meet the Scientists' section allows teachers to introduce their students to real-life scientists from The Nature Conservancy who are working to keep nature thriving.  Students can learn how modern scientists protect natural areas, restore natural systems, and help nature adapt to change to benefit people in all climates.

Nature Works Everywhere is made possible by a grant from the Morgridge Family Foundation.

Source: Discovery Education,

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