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The Library Corporation/TLC Releases LS2 Mobile for Android

Posted Aug 18, 2011
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The Library Corporation's LS2 Mobile app is now available for Android, offering millions of additional smart-phone users the ability to access their local library's catalog.

Originally released in November 2010 for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, LS2 Mobile allows people to connect with their public or school libraries 24 hours a day from any place with mobile or Wi-Fi Internet service. It can search a library's entire catalog and reserve titles that a borrower can pick up at a more convenient time. Additionally, users can check their account balances and cancel holds on previously reserved titles.

The Android version of LS2 Mobile will work on any smart phone powered by Android 2.2 or higher, which covers most Android phones currently in use.

LS2 Mobile is available as a free download to library users. Borrowers who install the app from the Android Market or Apple's App Store can access the catalogs of any library that has purchased the LS2 Mobile module. interface for TLC's Library•Solution, Library•Solution for Schools, and CARL•X integrated library systems.

Source: The Library Corporation (TLC),

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