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The Library Corporation Announces New ILS Platform

Posted Nov 3, 2008
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TLC has announced plans for a new ILS platform called LS2 and, additionally, the release of its first module, the LS2 PAC.

LS2, known as "Indigo" during its project phase, is a new development platform for TLC and a new unified ILS that will include Web, client, and mobile interfaces. The development platform combines powerful and flexible open-source technologies into a single unified tool set that allows TLC to bring quality products to market quickly at lower cost to libraries. The first module to be released, LS2 PAC, is designed to work with either of TLC's current integrated library systems, Library Solution or CARL X.

LS2 PAC offers experiences similar to those found in the best Web 2.0 applications, according to the TLC announcement. Popular features include:
* Tagging
* List Sharing
* User Reviews
* RSS result feeds
* RSS indexing from popular or local Web sites
* Predictive Results, which completes search terms as you type
* Faceted Results
* Integrated searching of subscription databases
* Item Mapping, which shows the item location on a map of your library.
* Genre Browsing
* and Book River, an eye-catching representation of book jackets in the library's collection

Development on additional LS2 modules has begun, including plans for a LS2 Kids interface and LS2 Circ, a Web-based circulation module.

Source: TLC,

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