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The Library Corporation (TLC) Optimizes LS2 PAC Software to Work With Google Analytics

Posted Nov 13, 2009
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The Library Corporation (TLC) has optimized its LS2 PAC software to work with Google Analytics, the service that tracks web traffic and trends, enabling customer libraries to find answers to questions such as: Which of the library’s titles are searched for most often? How much time do borrowers spend looking through the library’s collection? Or which subjects merit the most interest from card holders? Google Analytics, working with LS2 PAC, can show:

The most frequently used search terms.
The number of hits to each web page.
The types of internet browsers used by visitors to your website.
Patron trends from week to week, month to month, and year to year.

Weekly website reports, tables, charts, and graphs can now be customized to provide as much or as little information as desired. Local system administrators can set up the analytics service and use that data to better frame and package their libraries to serve their communities.

Google Analytics integration is offered at no charge to LS2 PAC customers. Once a library establishes a Google Analytics account, the TLC Support Department will complete the process of activating the service. (TLC cannot provide support for the application beyond the activation process.

LS2 PAC is a flexible, multi-application platform that merges library automation with the amenities of Web 2.0. LS2 PAC features the Book River, a representation of a library’s titles, as well as RSS news feeds that highlight current events and related library books; maps that show where items are located within a library; federated searching of in-house and online content; integrated searching of subscription databases; and more, including:

List creation and sharing capabilities
Patron ratings, reviews, and search tags
Faceted, manageable search results ranked by relevancy
Customized display of search results
Genre browsing
Smart promotion window
Administrative access to custom-published lists for display case
Patron recommendations based on ratings

To learn more about LS2 PAC visit For information about Google Analytics, visit

Source: The Library Corporation (TLC),

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