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The ClassMate Reader Portable Reading System

Posted Oct 19, 2007
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Don Johnston, Inc. announced a partnership with HumanWare of Quebec, Canada, to distribute the ClassMate Reader, an assistive tool for K-12 students with reading difficulties.

The ClassMate Reader is a lightweight handheld device about the size of a portable gaming system with a large LCD screen. The unit enables students to listen to an audio version of textbooks and study materials while following the highlighted text on screen.

The system promotes phonetic recognition and fluency mastery and boosts the efforts of teachers working with dyslexic students.

The ClassMate Reader integrates several features found in more expansive PC-based software, including text-to-speech, highlighting, a dictionary, text and voice notes, and audio book navigation. The unit’s study features assist in retrieving information through the use of text notes, highlighting and bookmarks.

The ClassMate Reader is compatible with electronic formats including NIMAS (National Instructional Material Accessible Standard) supporting the 2004 IDEA regulations, DAISY,, and text, wav, MP3 and audio files.

A removable SD flash memory card or USB memory stick can be used to store books and electronic texts. A standard USB connection enables the transfer of files from a PC.

The ClassMate Reader is priced at $439 per unit. Bulk purchase discounts are available.

Don Johnston, Inc.,  

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