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Texthelp Ships Read&Write 7.1E Gold Literacy Support Software

Posted May 6, 2005
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Assistive software publisher Texthelp Systems, Inc., has announced that it is shipping Read&Write 7.1E Gold, a software program intended to enable learners with low proficiency in reading and comprehending English to use mainstream classroom software along with their peers. The program is a literacy productivity tool that helps struggling students in grades 3 and up to access curriculum content on a computer and complete reading, writing, and research assignments independently, according to the announcement.

As an example, a student writing a book report in Microsoft Word can use the Read&Write 7.1E Gold toolbar to click on any of 18 literacy support features for assistance as he works on his assignment. The program allows students with low reading proficiency to work independently, in an inclusive manner alongside their peers in the classroom. It works within familiar mainstream Windows applications such as Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, plus it reads Adobe PDF documents and HTML and provides students with screen reading support anywhere within their Windows operating system.

A Spanish Translation Tool has been introduced to the software to help improve ELL, ESOL, and ESL students' access to curriculum content and mainstream technology applications. Speech input now enables students to create documents by speaking into a computer microphone.

Additional literacy support features include the following:

* Speech - Text can be read aloud by each word, sentence, paragraph, selected text, or in real time as the student types.
* Homophone Support - To eliminate the confusion of like-sounding words (homophones), confusable words are color-coded and the program lists alternatives with audible definitions and sample sentences. Version 7.1E Gold has a homophone database of 1,400 words.
* Word Prediction - Students develop their writing skills through tools to construct sentences with ease. The Word Predictor learns the student's style of writing and predicts the word they want to use next. As the student types, a list of suggestions appears in the Prediction Panel.
* Word Wizard - The word wizard provides a choice of alternative words and provides a list of linking words.
* Fact Finder - This Internet search tool performs a search on a selected word or phrase through a default search engine.
* DAISY Reader -The DAISY Standard for Digital Accessible Documents is an international specification that revolutionizes the reading experience for people who are blind or unable to read print for other reasons. Users can read their Daisy Books from within Version 7.1E Gold.

… and many more. Further information on the program and its features, including the Teacher's Toolkit, is available at

Source: Texthelp Systems, Inc.,

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