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Teachscape Launches Teachscape Reflect for Professional Development

Posted Oct 28, 2010
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Teachscape has announced the launch of its latest professional development product. Teachscape Reflect combines state-of-the-art 360-degree video capture hardware and online software to provide teachers with a panoramic view of their classroom that helps them reflect on their teaching, share instructional practices, and receive timely coaching support.

Teachscape Reflect hardware includes a low-profile lightweight device combining two high-definition video cameras and two high-quality wireless microphones to provide a 360-degree view of what is happening in the classroom. As the wireless microphones capture audio from both teacher and students, one video camera captures everything the teacher is doing at the front of the room (Board Camera), while the other camera simultaneously captures a 360-degree panoramic video of the entire classroom. The panoramic camera is connected to a dedicated capture station (included with Teachscape Reflect) to store classroom footage during recording.

After recording, the video footage is uploaded to Teachscape's secure website. Teachscape's password-protected, web-based video sharing and management software allows educators to view, comment, and share their classroom videos. The reflection and professional learning process takes place as educators not only reflect on their own practice, but also share their videos and comments with other teachers, coaches, and principals.

Teachscape Reflect enhances teacher coaching by allowing coaches to review actual footage of lessons and to point out specific growth opportunities. Coaches can also work with teachers to identify areas of teaching excellence. With Teachscape Reflect, schools and districts can better match coaching expertise to teacher needs since review, observation, and coaching can be done remotely and at any time.

Teachscape Reflect was born out of Teachscape's work in the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As part of the MET project, Teachscape's panoramic video capture, sharing, and scoring tools have been used to capture and score more than 12,000 lessons in more than 3,000 classrooms in six states.

The complete Teachscape Reflect system, including the camera, the dedicated capture station, and an annual Teachscape Reflect software license, will start shipping to customers in December 2010. Services and support are also available to ensure success with Teachscape Reflect. The training package includes a full day of product training and professional learning on using Teachscape Reflect to support self-reflection and school-wide professional learning communities. Toll-free support is included for all Teachscape Reflect users. Additional coaching and professional learning services are also available for enable schools and districts to deepen their work with Teachscape Reflect.

Source: Teachscape,

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