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Teachscape Launches Teachscape Instruction | Desktop

Posted Mar 9, 2010
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Teachscape has expanded the number of devices usable for collecting classroom walkthrough (CWT) data with the launch of Teachscape Instruction | Desktop. The application allows users to gather instruction data through classroom walkthroughs on a netbook, laptop, or tablet PC, with or without an internet connection. This application expands the number of devices that can be used for in-field observations and allows educators to upload data to the district's reporting tool whenever they have access to the internet.

Used in conjunction with Teachscape's Classroom Walkthrough program and Data Collection Tool, the Teachscape Instruction | Desktop application was created to help solve the issue of limited internet access in schools. While offline, desktop users can enter and save walkthrough data. Saved responses may be edited at any time before being uploaded to the Teachscape server. The data will be stored on the device until the computer is within range of a wireless or Ethernet connection, at which time the data will be uploaded to the Teachscape servers. In addition, the new application will assist users who prefer a larger screen format to the smaller display characteristics of handheld devices.

Teachscape Instruction | Desktop comes on the heels of Teachscape Instruction | Mobile for the iPhone and iTouch which launched in February 2010. Additional devices usable with the Data Collection Tool include BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows Mobile.

Administrators use CWT to fill out surveys of instructional look forms in the classroom. Data from the surveys is then combined to look for trends in instruction. With Teachscape Instruction | Desktop, users can view required or unanswered questions on a survey, view more options for pages, and use filters to quickly access surveys

Teachscape Instruction | Desktop is currently available at no additional charge for Teachscape CWT license holders. The application is available on Windows XP (SP3) and Windows 7 for PC Netbooks and PC Laptops. For Macs, users can access the application using MAC OSX. For more information on Teachscape's offerings, visit To download the Teachscape Instruction | Desktop application, visit

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