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Take the Constitution I.Q. Quiz

Posted Sep 12, 2005
Bookmark and Share urges everyone to celebrate Constitution Day on September 17 by taking the site's online 10-question Constitution I.Q. quiz.

The Web site, designed as a learning tool for children and adults, takes a look at the U.S. Constitution and its amendments, including dates to remember, fascinating facts, and proposed amendments. The site also includes translations of the U.S. Constitution in French, Spanish, and Russian.

A Fun Zone provides famous quotes, crossword puzzles, two 50-question knowledge tests, and a glossary of terms. grew from a father's idea in the early 1990s to publish an informative booklet about the U.S. Constitution. Today, The U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It published by Oak Hill Publishing has sold more than one million copies, and the companion Web site has been viewed by millions more.


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