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Tabula Digita Introduces Latest Version of DimensionM Muliplayer Video Game for Math

Posted Sep 14, 2009
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Tabula Digita has announced the latest version of its math video game series DimensionM. With expanded math content, improved reporting functionality, and new multimedia features, DimensionM combines technological advances in video game design with new research in math curriculum and instruction to provide an educational tool designed to increase student engagement, time on task, and achievement scores.


The new DimensionM release includes more than 200 math skills, across elementary, middle, and high school curriculum packs. It also includes the addition of a fourth mission called TowerStorm; a new custom avatar creation feature; and a new open choice curriculum element that allows students to play against any other students in the network, even if they’re working on different math skills, and topics, or if they are at different grade or proficiency levels. The games adhere to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and state standards.


Over the past six years the company has worked with researchers, solicited educator input, and employed advances in multimedia technology to implement upgrades and improvements to the series, culminating in this latest release of DimensionM.


Today, educational video games are no longer viewed as experimental, but rather, are accepted as mainstream supplemental tools, fueled in part by studies from the University of Central Florida and others showing that games like the DimensionM series can improve students’ mathematics understanding and skills, and significantly raise scores on district-wide math benchmark exams, according to the announcement.


Just as Tabula Digita’s video games have advanced, so have their implementation models. Educators don’t necessarily need gaming experience to customize the DimensionM software to fit precisely into their math programs. The games can be used to supplement classroom curriculum, enhance after-school efforts and support math clubs. They can also be used as an intervention tool for struggling students while keeping advanced students challenged. Further, the DimensionM games offer instant, year-round, real-time progress reporting that keeps teachers in touch with student achievement levels.


The new DimensionM Multiplayer video game series is available on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. There are several purchase options available for schools and districts to consider when purchasing the new DimensionM games. Visit for more information.


Source: Tabula Digita,

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