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Tabtor Math Announces iPad-Based Learning Program

Posted Jul 29, 2013
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Tabtor Math has announced the launch of its iPad-based learning program that is personalized for every student. Tabtor Math offers an interactive learning experience with a dedicated instructor, instant feedback, engaging gaming aspect and a new way to master math concepts and strategies for problem solving.

Tabtor was first launched to a select group of students during the summer of 2012. Over the last year, Tabtor has made continuous improvements to its learning platform based on feedback from its early adopters. Tabtor Math’s Point of Learning program addresses the needs of those seeking skill development and enrichment. Parents want the ability to deliver an instructor-driven math program to their children at an affordable price, as well as be able to monitor their progress first-hand. Tabtor Math grants both of these wishes.

The iPad-based platform helps increase teacher efficiency, classroom productivity, reduces grading time and helps increase test scores, thus reducing teacher frustration and providing a sense of fulfillment, the announcement states. The program currently has more than 500 active students in the US, with over 500,000 problems solved. Given the adoption of the new Singapore Math based Common Core State Standards (CCSS) across 45 states in the U.S from this year, the demand for a math program that develops a deeper understanding and strong foundation is at an all-time high.

Tabtor Math is tailored to the needs of every student. The use of digital-paper technology allows sharing of student work, grading, video tutorials and adaptive analytics. Students enrolled in the program across the US have shown between twenty and thirty-five percent performance improvement in math in just two months. Tabtor has also received international adoption from Canada, France, Singapore, UK, Nigeria, Ghana, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

As part of the global launch, Tabtor is continuing to offer its two-week free trial for a limited time. Visit for more information.

Source: Tabtor,

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