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TLC Releases Smart-Phone App

Posted Nov 5, 2010
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The Library Corporation (TLC) has released LS2 Mobile, a smart-phone interface that allows people to connect with their public or school libraries from any place with mobile or Wi-Fi internet service.

TLC developed LS2 Mobile with the understanding that the desire to read a book, research a topic, or find an author may occur anytime, anywhere: A restaurant visit may trigger a search for a certain chef's cookbook; a student may want to reserve the latest title in a popular series; a family on the go may want to check out the latest DVD releases; a hiker may want to borrow a guide to birds in the wild.  Whatever the need, there's bound to be a book, CD, DVD, or audiobook in the local public or school library.

LS2 Mobile can search a library's entire catalog and reserve titles that a borrower can pick up at a more convenient time.  Additionally, users can check their account balances and, if they've had a change of heart, cancel holds on previously reserved titles.

The first release of LS2 Mobile is a native application intended for use with Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and is available as a free download through Apple's App Store.  Future native versions for Android and other smart-phone platforms are planned for the coming months.

Once installed, LS2 Mobile can be set up to search the public catalogs of participating libraries that utilize LS2 PAC, an online interface designed to work exclusively with TLC's Library Solution, Library Solution for Schools, and CARL X integrated library systems.

To learn more about LS2 Mobile and TLC's line of library automation solutions, visit

Source: The Library Corporation (TLC),

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